In work hard learning, the library is a good place, I study it brings me a lot of knowledge. For every class often in and out of the library I; Selected for the volunteers by the teacher, in the heart very happy, because finally had a chance to service for people!

When a small volunteers on the first day, class library all things for me; Is a question mark, for others, photocopies accidentally! A wrong button, the paper places appeared a piece of data only a quarter of the paper, I have to pay.

Sacrifice lunch break I went to the library work, the more cautious to fill a book, seeing so many tattered book, thinking “can have such a good study environment, don’t cherish” an angry heart. One day, after finishing the book, see a man in the book, a stepped forward to wanted to scold him a lesson, but the thought of Confucius said: “the way of administration, together with punishment, people free and shameless. Virtue, together with the ritual, shame and.” I’m not angry, had to use moral to persuade him, and when no one’s in, also won’t destroy the book.

Busy, the teacher also told us to read, to gain understanding. When moving the heavy book, in fact, think about it, this will not only help the teacher save trouble, also enhance their own strength, every second, why not?

As the young volunteers, I though a little tired, but for the teacher to share many things; I am also very happy, because “help others for pleasure this!”




牺牲午休时间 去图书馆工作的我,更加谨慎的补书,眼见这么多破烂的书,心想“能有这么好的读书环境,竟然不好好珍惜”心中一股气愤涌上心头。一天,在整理书时,见到了 一位在破坏书的人,走上前去原想臭骂他一顿,但一想到孔子说:“道之以政,齐之以刑,民免而无耻。道之以德,齐之以礼,有耻且格。”我也不生气了,只好用 道德来规劝他,才能在没人的时候,也不会再破坏书。




Everyone in the path of growth, must through all kinds of test. Some people own learning is not ideal, some bad for your skin and worry, and some to get parents understand and feel wronged… I think it should be growing pains.

“You how so careless, English written in capital letters lowercase letters; math is not decimal forgot to add, is the brain around it; the language too, shouldn’t always wrong… wrong since time, scores have been falling, straight down to 20 name!” Is the time, this kind of words are often in my mind.

I also want to increase the performance to once upon a time, but always can’t contentment. Is not the improvement to the subject, is a division of grades and beaten down. Who wouldn’t want to test a good result, but each person’s ability is different, also the effort by different, so the harvest “fruit” is also different. So I can only say: “do your best!”

As a student, I told myself not too bad; I told myself can’t let parents down; I told myself can’t let the teacher lose faith in yourself… So, my worries are growing.

But think carefully, if falling grades so easily becomes good, so don’t lose its sense? So think about it, there is less worry a lot. But don’t strive for it, it won’t come. So, still want to care my shadow, always follow me, this should be most students face troubles.

Trouble is important in life, we should be brave to face, with positive attitude, trouble will be gone.









Everyone has their own hobbies, I was no exception. My hobby numerous as the stars in the sky, but I most like to read books.

Since I was young, I love reading, where I can see, in bed, go to the toilet see, going to travel in the car, even to eat. Mom and dad always hope me the real little bookworm go out to play for a while, but I don’t know a person in the neighbourhood, so the book has become my best friend. Remember once I went to a bookstore reading a book, with my mother agreed to go back until five o ‘clock, but the sight of the wide variety of books, I swim in the sea of stories to boil. I picked up a book “laughing cat diary”, read, and was attracted by Yang hongying style of writing. Time like off the string arrow, blink of an eye by six o ‘clock, I remembered that time, is on his way back, met a mother, I look with my mom out in a rash.

A few days ago, I was in the toilet for more than half an hour, I was so angry mother nose crooked, is this why? Because I see in the toilet, “meaning Lin” youth version by that mom took her killer response – animal roars at fellow players.

However, a yard to yard, reading is a good thing. Now, one in the class, my composition since school reading quantity reach millions of words. The classmates, let us read more books!