put off v.推迟, 拖延, 搪塞, 使分心, 使厌恶, 扔掉, 脱掉, 劝阻

put into v.使进入, 把…翻译成, 在…上种植

put down v.放下, 拒绝, 镇压, 羞辱, 削减, 记下, 制止, 取缔

put away v.放好, 储存…备用, 处理掉, 放弃, 抛弃

put on v.穿上, 把…放在上, 装出, 假装, 增加, 欺骗, 添上, 使靠…维持生命

put up v.举起, 抬起, 进行, 提供, 表现出, 建造, 提名, 推举

put out v.放出, 伸出, 生产, 消除, 打扰, 麻烦, 作出努力, 使退场

put in 插话,

put on 穿上,

put down 记下来,写下来,

put sth aside 放到一边,

put it on 假装生气,

put away 收起来,

put sth by 存钱以备不时之需,

put back,放回,

put off 推迟,放下。


1. put aside 节省(钱、时间);储蓄;把……放在一边

He has a little money put aside for a rainy day.


The manager had to put his work aside for a time for an urgent accident.


2. put away 收拾起来;储存(钱);喝掉

The boy put the food away in the cupboard after he finished his dinner.


3. put back 时钟向后拨;放回原处;拖延

Please put the dictionary back where it was.


We had to put the meeting back a week.


4. put down 写下;记下;控制

Put it down to my account, please.


It’s time that the government put down interest rates.


5. put forward 提出(意见、建议);推荐;把时针向前拨

She has decided to put herself forward as a candidate.


6. put off 延期;推迟

Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today.


7. put on 假装;增加;上演(戏剧)

She’s by no means really mad; she puts it on in order to gain attention.


8. put out 熄灭;使忧虑;扑灭;出版

Would you mind putting your cigarette out, please?


9. put through 接通电话

Your call has been put through.


10. put up 举起;张开(伞);张贴;为……提供食宿

We can put up ten people for the night at a pinch.


11. put up with 忍受;忍耐;受苦

That woman, as a housewife, has a lot to put up with.



● put in an appearance:露脸

“As is often the case, the director will put in an appearance in every office and then leave.”

● put… in the picture:把近况告诉……

“What new machines have been acquired? The manager wants the purchasing officer to put him in the picture.”

● put… in the shade:使……逊色

“The three winning essays have put all the others in the shade.”

● put… on the map:让……出名

“Some popular new products put the manufacturers on the map.”

● put… off the scent:误导……

“The suspect managed to put the police off the scent by directing them to a wrong place.”

● put on airs:摆架子

“I avoid talking to those who are arrogant and putting on airs too much.”

● put… on his guard:劝……当心

“Rumours that the company will lay off staff put some on the guard.”

● put… on a pedestal:把……当偶像崇拜

“Many students put their knowledgeable teachers on a pedestal by accepting their ideas without question.”

● put out feelers:放出触角

“The two political parties seem to be interested in a compromise, so they have started putting out feelers.”

● put a spoke in someone’s wheel:妨碍某人的计划

“The research grant has been approved and should come to us soon unless someone puts a spoke in our wheel.”

● put one’s money on…:对……有把握

“The ruling party will win the general election again. I can put my money on it.”

● put “paid” to…:结束……;毁掉

“A sudden serious illness put ‘paid’ to Michael’s chances of taking part in the long-distance race.”

● put the lid on…:禁止……

“There have been reports about information insecurity. The police are determined to do something to put the lid on any further leakage of confidential news.”

● put one’s thinking cap on…:动脑筋想

“This is a thorny issue, which requires your putting your thinking cap on.”

● put one through one’s paces:考验某人的本领

“The purpose of having a series of seminars is to put the participants through their paces.”

● put… through the mill:使……经历磨练

“At the interview, the interviewers asked difficult questions with a view to putting every interviewee through the mill.”

● put someone’s name forward:正式提某人的名

“Many members put Joe’s name forward to serve on the Town Council.”

● put it down to experience:从经验中学习

“Everyone has a bitter taste of failure; never mind! Put it down to experiene.”

● put… behind…:尝试把……忘掉

“Our national team should put last night’s defeat behind it and concentrate on the coming match.”

● to put it bluntly:不客气地说